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Creating Meaningful Learning
Child-Centered Education

School Year: Mommy Montessori

Parents and children under 18 months join us for Mommy Montessori.

• Be introduced to the materials and philosophy of Maria Montessori.
• Learn about the "Sensitive Periods" of your child's learning.
• Work with Montessori materials and learn how to apply their concepts in your home.
• Interact with other parents and their children.

School Year: Toddler

School Year: Preschool

Respond to your toddler's desire for independence in our Toddler Environment, following Maria Montessori's philosophy and methods.

• Independence and decision making skills are nurtured as the children select Montessori activities designed for the young child.
• Circle time includes vocabulary building, reading comprehension, language development, sorting and classification, letter and numeral recognition, sound/letter association, and music expression.

Begin the foundation your child will use for a lifetime using the materials and philosophy developed by Maria Montessori.

• Concrete, hands on learning. 
• Lesson plans developed based on the abilities and strengths of the individual child.
• Independence, self-esteem, and confidences are the product of individualized learning.
• Practical Life experiences develop focus, concentration, and fine motor skills.
• Sensorial materials use the senses to further develop concentration and introduce beginning math concepts.
• Language begins with familiar objects and relates the initial sound of the name to the letter. Children relate letters and their sounds to the world around them.
• Math materials provide concrete learning for numeral recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  Children master skills at the concrete level before moving to the abstract.
• Cultural experiences include geography, botany, zoology, and continue through the interests and imagination of the child.

School Year: Elementary 

Children continue and expand their love of learning as they refine the use of the materials and philosophy developed by Maria Montessori.

• Learning begins to move from the concrete to the abstract.
• Individualized lesson plans continue with the children working at their own pace.
• Independence, esteem, and confidence further develop as the children take more responsibility for their learning.
• Traditional education and Montessori methods are combined to give students a well-rounded experience.
• Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture continue as the core of the curriculum and are extended and expanded as the child is ready.