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Kelly Banner

Teacher: Kelly Banner

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 3
  • Years as an Educator: 4
  • Education: Bachelor of General Studies from TWU
  • Experience: 4 years teaching experience
  • Family: Married, mother of 3 children ages 8, 6 and 1
  • Enjoys: Hiking, biking, stand up paddle boarding, I love to be outside and exploring nature with my kids, I also enjoy spending time with friends, movies, and shopping

Rebecca Carroll

Teacher: Rebecca Carroll

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 3
  • Years as an Educator: 10
  • Education: BA from Austin College, Master of Arts in Teaching from Texas Woman’s University, Montessori Certification from Collin County Community College
  • Experience: 10 years experience working with children
  • Family: 2 sons, both attend MCDS, married since 2008
  • Enjoys: Watching my son play baseball

Hannah Ferris

Teacher: Hannah Ferris

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 1st year
  • Years as an Educator: 2
  • Education: Montessori Certification Program, Collin County Community College
  • Experience: 2 years of Montessori teaching experience, finished studies to become a certified Montessori teacher and is currently completing observation hours at MCDS and other schools to receive Montessori certification
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family, especially her two nephews, hiking and exploring nature, a good book, and traveling



Kelly Cannon

Teacher: Kelly Cannon

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 6
  • Years as an Educator: 6
  • Education: Montessori Certification, Collin County Community College
  • Experience: 6 years of teaching experience
  • Family: Married for 3 years
  • Enjoys: Being a Dog Mom

Ann Orchutt

Teacher: Anne Orcutt

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 4
  • Years as an Educator: 22
  • Education: BA Communications, University of Alabama, Major in Advertising, Minor in Marketing, Montessori Certification
  • Experience: 22 years of Montessori teaching experience
  • Family: Married 34 years, mother of 2 children ages 30 and 27, 2 grandchildren
  • Enjoys: Travel, jogging, cooking, Alabama Football (Roll Tide)

Manisha Shah

Teacher: Manisha Shah

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 4
  • Years as an Educator: 24
  • Education: Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from Bhavnagar University, India, Pre-Primary Teacher's Training (India), Montessori Certification
  • Experience: 24 years teaching experience
  • Family: Married 35 years, Mother of a daughter age 30
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family and friends, travelling all around the world, reading, and cooking

Anisa Virani

Teacher: Anisa Virani

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 1st year
  • Years as an Educator: 15
  • Education: Bachelors from UNT, Texas Teaching Certification (Early Childhood-4th grade), Montessori Certification
  • Experience: 15 years of teaching experience, Bilingual.
  • Family: Married for 17 years
  • Enjoys: I enjoy spending time with my family, especially taking vacations, I love reading books with my boys and helping them with projects, organizing, decorating my classroom and home, creating work, DIY projects, relaxing, and spending time with my friends


Kim Smith

Teacher: Kim Smith

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 3
  • Years as an Educator: 21
  • Education: BBA from UNT, Texas Teaching Certification (Early Childhood – 4th grade), Montessori Certification
  • Experience: 21 years teaching experience
  • Family: Married 29 years, Mother of 2 boys ages 21 and 23
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family and friends, Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Frisco Roughriders, outdoor activities, DIY Projects, loves the beach


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Rachel Ames

Director: Rachel Ames

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 2
  • Years as an Educator: 16
  • Education: Received AMI Montessori Diploma for ages 3-6 year olds in 2007
  • Experience: Started working in Montessori Schools in 2003, Worked with many age groups (toddler, primary and elementary), 6 years experience as a Montessori School Director
  • Family: Married 11 years, Mother of a 10 year old son
  • Enjoys: Running and exercise, traveling, hiking, camping, and spending time with family

Leslie Jenkins

Director: Leslie Jenkins

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 2
  • Years as an Educator: 13
  • Education: Attended University of Texas at Dallas for childhood learning and development
  • Experience: Worked in the Montessori environment for 13 years, hands on in the classroom for 4 years, and in managerial positions for 9 years 
  • Family: Married, live in Bartonville with our family of 5
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family, organizing and decorating, being outdoors


Bill Vesterman

Owner: Bill Vesterman

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 13
  • Years as an Educator: 14 
  • Education: BA Economics, Harvard
  • Experience: Education experience includes K-12 Administration and Montessori training, business experience includes Wall Street firms, international firms (Hong Kong), Fortune 50 firms, small businesses, military experience includes 2 tours in Iraq with US Marine Corps Infantry
  • Family: Married for 11 years
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family, friends, Veterans, runners, triathletes, and watching movies

Lisa Vesterman

Owner: Lisa Vesterman

  • Years at Montessori Country Day School: 11
  • Years as an Educator: 11
  • Education: BA in Communications from San Diego State University, Studied Montessori Education
  • Experience: Current Residential Real Estate Agent, worked in the Real Estate Industry for 30 years
  • Family: Married 11 years
  • Enjoys: Cooking, gardening, horseback riding and DIY projects, love spending time with family and friends, especially if it involves the beach or water sports