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Kelly Banner


Teacher: Kelly Banner

  • Years as an Educator: since 2016
  • Education: BGS, Texas Woman's University, Montessori Certification
  • Experience: Prior to working at MCDS I was a Sales Director for a power-sports company for 12 years. I found my true passion for working with children when leading a Forest School for ages 2-8. I’m excited to be at MCDS where I can use my combined experience in the classroom.
  • Family: I live with my husband and three children. We have a dog named Gary and chickens.
  • Enjoys: Spending time with my husband and children. I love nature and being outdoors. I also enjoy shopping and going to the movie theater.
Rupika Lewis

Teacher: Rupika Lewis

  • Years as an Educator: since 1983
  • Education: Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education, AMS Montessori Certification.
  • Experience: Montessori teaching experience since 1993.
  • Family: Married with 2 kids
  • Enjoys: Reading, crafting, cooking, and baking
Fatima Mercado

Teacher: Fatima Mercado

  • Years as an Educator: since 2018
  • Education: Majoring in Bilingual Early Childhood Education
  • Experience: I have been teaching and working with a variety of age groups such as infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and second graders since 2013.
  • Family: I live with my wonderful boyfriend since 2019 & our adorable german shepherd/great pyrenees puppies. I was born & raised in Plano, TX & now reside in Las Colinas, TX.
  • Enjoys: Exploring restaurants/new foods, traveling, exercising, spending time with friends and family.
Kristen Carpenter

Teacher: Kristen Carpenter

  • Years as an Educator: since 2013
  • Education: AMI Montessori Certification
  • Experience: Montessori education experience since 2013 
  • Family: Married with 4 wonderful children
  • Enjoys: Enjoys spending time with family, exploring new restaurants, reading and cooking
Sami Windham

Teacher: Sami Windham

  • Years as an Educator: since 2018
  • Education: Bachelors of Science in Child Development and Family Studies
  • Experience: I have many years of experience working with infants and toddlers through high schoolers. Some of my educational time was also spent working with preschools around the world to assist in performing developmental assessments in their classrooms. Prior to teaching at MCDS, I worked in a Montessori environment for 3 years.
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, exercising, and eating really good food.
Debbie Becker

Teacher: Debbie Becker

  • Years as an Educator: since 2011
  • Experience: Experienced in working with children of all ages and working as an office assistant.
  • Family: I live with my husband and little Shorkie named “Misty”. I have three grown children and six grandchildren.
  • Enjoys: I enjoy spending time with family, watching my grandchildren in their activities. I love the outdoors, hanging with friends and shopping.


Anne Orcutt

Teacher: Anne Orcutt

  • Years as an Educator: since 1997
    Bachelor of Arts in Communications, University of Alabama, Major in Advertising, Minor in Marketing, Montessori Certification
    Montessori teaching experience since 1997
    Married since 1985, mother of 2 children with 3 grandchildren
    Travel, jogging, cooking, Alabama Football (Roll Tide)

Manisha Shah

Teacher: Manisha Shah

  • Years as an Educator: since 1995
    Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from Bhavnagar University, India, Pre-Primary Teacher's Training (India), Montessori Certification
    Teaching experience including Montessori & traditional classrooms since 1995
    Happily married since 1985. Mother of a daughter who is a Physician & specializes in Infectious Diseases
    Spending time with family and friends, traveling all around the world, reading, cooking and walking for fitness

Neelam Bathe

Teacher: Neelam Bathe

  • Years as an Educator: since 2011
  • Education: BA Economics, Montessori certification (American Montessori Society)
  • Experience: Working with primary age group children in a Montessori environment since 2011. Worked in Human resourcing for 8 years.
  • Family: Married since 2002, mother of a sweet teen daughter and a dog mom
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy shopping, traveling and cooking.

Sandra Rincon

Teacher: Sandra Rincon

  • Years as an Educator: since 2007
  • Education: Massage Therapist in Texas / GED in Bilingual, Early Childhood Education in Mexico
  • Experience: In the Montessori environment since 2021
  • Family: Married since 2013 and happy mother of two wonderful girls
  • Enjoys: Languages, photography, art, reading, shopping and making good memories!

Grace Hall

Teacher: Grace Hall

  • Years as an Educator:  since 2022
  • Education: Emergency Medical Technician, currently training in the Montessori Method
  • Experience: Worked with children in a variety of settings, as a nanny, as a camp leader and for many years in my church.
  • Family: Single with 2 rabbits and a lizard
  • Enjoys: Outdoor activities and fitness

Zainab Aljezaree

Teacher: Zainab Aljezaree

  • Years as an Educator: since 2019
  • Education: Bachelor of Science (Computer), Shat Alarab University, Iraq Montessori Certificate (American Montessori Society),
    Early Childhood 3-6.
  • Experience: Working with Primary age children in Montessori programs since 2017.
  • Family: Married since 2010, happy mother of two girls and one boy.
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family, friends, shopping, and traveling.

Hannah Ferris

Teacher: Hannah Ferris

  • Years as an Educator: since 2016
  • Education: Montessori Certification in Early Childhood, 3-6 years old.
  • Experience: 6 years of working in the Montessori classroom, 1 year working with children with learning difficulties.
  • Family: Two brothers and three sisters.
  • Enjoys: I love spending time with my family, reading, and being outside.

Zoe Fuller

Teacher: Zoe Fuller

  • Years as an Educator: since 2011
  • Education: Worked in Montessori schools with children of various age levels.
  • Experience: Worked in Montessori schools with children of various age levels.
  • Family: Married to a wonderful husband and we have two dogs named Stormy and Cinder.
  • Enjoys: I enjoy spending my time gardening, camping, shopping, seeing plays, watching movies, and video/board game competitor.


Celine Dinh

Teacher: Celine Dinh

  • Years as an Educator: since 2000
  • Education: American Montessori Society, Teacher Certified. Montessori Teacher and Training Instructor Certifications (MACTE)
  • Experience: Montessori Primary and Elementary teacher since 2002 and MACTE Teacher Trainer since 2018.
  • Family: I have been happily married to my husband for 26 years now. Together we have a college graduate son, a high school senior daughter, and 2 lovely dogs.
  • Enjoys: Spending quality time with family and friends. I also love traveling around the world for great adventures and memories with my daughter.

Support Staff

Rachel Ames

Teacher: Rachel Ames

  • Years as an Educator: since 2003
  • Education: Association Montessori Internationale, Primary Certified
  • Experience: Experience working with all ages, including toddler, primary, and lower elementary. Also, experience as a school director for several years. Presently a lead teacher with the primary age group.
  • Family: Married with one son born in 2010
  • Enjoys: Exercise, health/fitness, traveling and spending time with family

Katy Teter

Teacher: Katy Teter

  • Years as an Educator: since 2005
  • Education: Early Childhood Education Certified
  • Experience: Currently training in the Montessori Method
  • Family: Married with 2 amazing sons. I’m Raeylyn’s nana!
  • Enjoys: Spending time with my family.


Whitney Ball

Director: Whitney Ball

  • Years as an Educator: since 2001
  • Education: BA Elementary and Special Education, Washington State University, Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, Eastern Michigan University
  • Experience: 16 years as an elementary teacher, 1 year as Admissions Director, 5 years as Principal of Evergreen Academy Elementary School
  • Family: Married since 2008, two children and one ill-behaved beagle
  • Enjoys: Travelling, trying new recipes, golfing, college football and spending time with friends and family

Barbara Tobias

Director: Barbara Tobias

  • Years as an Educator: Since 2008
  • Education: Arizona State University - Special Education
  • Experience: Certified Montessori Teacher for 3 to 6 years old and Elementary; Owned and Directed a Montessori School
  • Family: One son and his wife, four wonderful grandkids, 1 dog and 9 fish!
  • Enjoys: Personal tutor, being a grandma, walking, caring for my dog, reading

Audrie Martinez

Director: Audrie Martinez

  • Years as an Educator: Worked with the Head Start Program for a year
  • Education: Attending Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS) for Leadership IMC Certification, MACTE. Attending Liberty University for M. Ed. Leadership. BA Child and Family Studies, American Military University
  • Experience: 15 years in the U.S. Army including 2 years in Operations over Cyber School of Excellence, Fort Gordon, GA and 2 years in Operations over Basic Officer Leadership Course, Fort Sill, OK
  • Family: 7 nephews, 10 nieces, 3 brothers and 2 sisters
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family, reading, cooking, crafts

Geneva Jones

Director: Geneva Jones

  • Years as an Educator: since 2003
  • Education: BA in K-12 Music Education, American Montessori Society (Primary 3-6)
  • Experience: Primary age classroom teacher and Montessori school director, music teacher in Montessori schools, accompanist, private piano teacher and studio owner
  • Family: Husband and 2 daughters
  • Enjoys: Coffee, dance parties, spending time outside, baking


Lian Orphilla

Administrative Virtual Assistant: Lian Orphilla

  • Education: BS in Business Administration - Major: Computer Science
  • Experience: Was a Tech Support Rep for Dell, Sprint & Netgear since 2004-2011; was a Project Coordinator for Auditca(Accounting Software project) in Pasadena, US; Currently as a General Virtual Assistant since 2012
  • Family: Married since 2004 with 2 wonderful boys
  • Enjoys: Netflix with kids, beach, videoke & playtime with kids.


Bill Vesterman

Owner: Bill Vesterman

  • Years as an Educator: since 1999
  • Education: BA Economics, Harvard, 1991, involved in Montessori since 2006
  • Experience: Education experience includes K-12 Administration and Montessori training, business experience includes Wall Street firms, international firms (Hong Kong), Fortune 50 firms, small businesses, military experience includes 2 tours in Iraq with US Marine Corps Infantry
  • Family: Married since 2008
  • Enjoys: Spending time with family, friends, Veterans, runners, triathletes, and watching movies.

Lisa Vesterman

Owner: Lisa Vesterman

  • Years as an Educator: since 2008
  • Education: BA in Communications from San Diego State University, Studied Montessori Education
  • Experience: Current Residential Real Estate Agent, worked in the Real Estate Industry for 30 years
  • Family: Married since 2008
  • Enjoys: Cooking, gardening, horseback riding and DIY projects, love spending time with family and friends, especially if it involves the beach or water sports.