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Mommy Montessori

Parents and children under 18 months join us for Mommy Montessori.

• Be introduced to the materials and philosophy of Maria Montessori.
• Learn about the "Sensitive Periods" of your child's learning.
• Work with Montessori materials and learn how to apply their concepts in your home.
• Interact with other parents and their children.

Early Learning Education

Respond to your toddler's desire for independence in our Toddler Environment, following Maria Montessori's philosophy and methods.

• Independence and decision making skills are nurtured as the children select Montessori activities designed for the young child.
• Circle time includes vocabulary building, reading comprehension, language development, sorting and classification, letter and numeral recognition, sound/letter association, and music expression.

Begin the foundation your child will use for a lifetime using the materials and philosophy developed by Maria Montessori.

• Concrete, hands on learning. 
• Lesson plans developed based on the abilities and strengths of the individual child.
• Independence, self-esteem, and confidences are the product of individualized learning.
• Practical Life experiences develop focus, concentration, and fine motor skills.
• Sensorial materials use the senses to further develop concentration and introduce beginning math concepts.
• Language begins with familiar objects and relates the initial sound of the name to the letter. Children relate letters and their sounds to the world around them.
• Math materials provide concrete learning for numeral recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  Children master skills at the concrete level before moving to the abstract.
• Cultural experiences include geography, botany, zoology, and continue through the interests and imagination of the child.

Elementary Program

Children continue and expand their love of learning as they refine the use of the materials and philosophy developed by Maria Montessori.

• Learning begins to move from the concrete to the abstract.
• Individualized lesson plans continue with the children working at their own pace.
• Independence, esteem, and confidence further develop as the children take more responsibility for their learning.
• Traditional education and Montessori methods are combined to give students a well-rounded experience.
• Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture continue as the core of the curriculum and are extended and expanded as the child is ready.

Classes available based on demand:
Mom with Toddler, 15 months - 3.5 years
Mom with Baby, 0-16 months
Mom with Preschooler, 3-4 years

For more information go to Miss Heidi's website or her facebook page. 

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